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Welcome to All Needs Met Personal Care Services

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What We Offer

Services Tailored To You

Senior Therapy

Attendant Care

Maintain Your Independence

We all feel our most comfortable at home. Our Elderly services help your loved ones maintain their independence and autonomy by assisting with stand by assistance, running errands, and transportation services.

Holding Hands

Home Care Assistance

There’s No Place Like Home

Home Care Assistance includes services such as personal care, companion services and household chores. Personal care includes help with activities of daily living, such as assistance with bathing, grooming, getting dressed, using the bathroom and performing other routine activities.

Senior Patient


Helping You in Daily Life

Going through life with disabilities is not easy. Today’s world expects us all to be strong and capable, and is built assuming such. Our companionship service helps you maintain your independence by helping you navigate daily life tasks.

Caregiver with Patient

Structured Family Care Levels 1-3

Caregiving Services

Structured Family Caregiving allows a caregiver to  either move into the home of an elderly or disabled individual; or the reverse, the care recipient moves into the caregiver’s home. The care provider receives financial compensation for providing care to the elderly individual who would otherwise require nursing-home-level care, as well as ongoing educational support from a care team.

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Who We Are

Passionate. Experienced. Thoughtful.

As a dedicated Personal Care  Agency, All Needs Met Personal Care Services is devoted to making life easier for your loved ones.  Founded in 2021, we offer home care and maintenance services for all, providing personalized administrative and health care for the Indiana area. We do our best to provide affordable solutions and take care to respect your privacy and preferences, all while providing quality care. We also accept Medicaid and many other insurance options.

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Assisting the Elder

Accurate and Honest

Truly Top-Notch

The difference in All Needs Met Personal Care, is our people. Care-giving demands a special combination of heart skills and clinical skills. We recruit only the best caregivers. And each receives the best training in the home care field.
If you are a decision-maker for a person in need of assistance at home, you will come to know our caregivers as trusted partners. And you also have the assurance of knowing that they are backed up by an experienced team of professionals.
All Needs Met Personal Care Services, is designed to be an extension of your home and family, so that clients will truly feel the love in the  care. And it is comforting to know that our quality of care is supported by the strength of resources you expect from one of the nation’s finest healthcare organizations.

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